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Dr Michel, DPM with child examining her toes

Dr. Karl Michel, DPM

Excelling in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery

Dr. Karl Michel is a board-certified foot and ankle surgeon. He attended Temple University’s prestigious School of Podiatric Medicine in Philadelphia, where he received his Doctorate.

He attended St. Johns Providence Hospital’s notable podiatric reconstructive and trauma surgical residency program. He was named Chief Resident while participating in several research projects and completed an advanced and extensive surgical residency in orthopedic trauma and reconstructive procedures of the foot and ankle, performing numersous foot and ankle surgeries.

Dr. Michel established Genesis Foot and Ankle Institute and actively see’s patients for the vary conditions that are relieved by TierOne Compression socks. He is particularly interested in sports injuries, pediatric, adult foot and ankle deformities, ankle arthroscopy, foot and ankle fractures, diabetic limb salvage, peripheral nerve surgery, arthritis, regenerative medicine, autologous platelet, and amniotic-derived stem cell therapy, and is a surgeon at several local hospitals.

Dr. Michel founded TierOne on the premise that the world deserves better compression therapy that can be trusted for effective results and backed by science. TierOne’s purpose is to offer every person the opportunity to live their most fulfilling life in as little pain or discomfort as possible.

Why Should You Care?

Compression therapy with TierOne garments has an endless positive influence on your daily life. We give control back into the hands of our tribe, delivering more freedom and independence to do the things they love. Solving or alleviating health issues while enjoying the benefits of an enhanced blood flow, our tribe knows they’re doing so in style, and with a brand that genuinely cares for their well-being and recovery.

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