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The TierOne Difference

TierOne is a premium brand that offers medical compression socks for post-treatment or to prevent the progression of a condition. TierOne products are developed based on medical expertise and are science-based. Both stylish and comfortable, our products are produced to the highest quality standards.

Explanation of Graduated Compression and how it works.

What kind of compression
sock works best?

TierOne compression socks are designed using graduated compression, which provides the ultimate type of compression. Graduated compression socks are most constrictive at the ankle and gradually become less tight towards the knee and thigh.

Just the right amount of compression is applied to surface veins, arteries, and muscles, causing the circulating blood to be forced through narrower circulatory channels. This increases arterial pressure causing more blood to return to the heart with less blood pooling in the feet.Because graduated compression applies more significant pressure on the ankle instead of the calf, blood flow is enhanced, and swelling is reduced. In addition, since there is less pressure on the top band, putting on and taking off TierOne Compression Socks is an easy experience.

What is the best brand
of compression sock?

Many brands of compression socks are offered in the market today, but few hold up to scientific rigor and are medically effective. Most have insufficient compression levels to have any medical or performance benefits. Most brands use reverse graduation, which applies more pressure on the calf than the ankle.

TierOne Compression Socks are designed by a foot and ankle surgeon with decades of experience treating patients having vein issues and complex conditions. Dr. Michel incorporates unique design, technological features, and effective functionality to ensure every pair of TierOne Compression Socks provides superior support, performance, and comfort.

TierOne Compression Socks are engineered with the following:

  • A unique circulation pattern that increases energy to your legs throughout the day.
  • Perfect anatomical fit with seamless stitch construction that reduces friction no matter the activity.
  • Moisture wicking helps keep you dryer and cooler.
  • Fabric and yarns that are anti-odor, breathable, and ultra-soft for all-day comfort.
  • Compression starting around the foot and toe areas provides consistent graduated compression.
  • Reinforced heel and toe for added high-wear durability, strength, and support.
  • Double stitching with no-slip banding that prevents pinching, chafing, and rolling down.

We strive to being quality Medical Grade Compression Products That Bring Relief from Pain and Suffering for those who have received treatment for or suffer from conditions such as DVT, Edema, PTS (Post-thrombotic syndrome), Lymphedema, Varicose veins, Lower Back Pain, Aches in Feet, Pain in Heel, Swelling in Ankles and Legs.

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