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TIERONE Compression Project

A Better Compression Solution

For years, Dr. Michel, a foot and ankle surgeon and lower extremity specialist, has watched his patients struggle with conventional compression socks. They had problems with socks slipping poor quality material, discomfort, and insufficient compression. He recognized the need for improved compression socks that addressed his patients’ therapeutic needs.

With an ear to his patients and acting on their feedback, Dr. Michel endeavored to develop his own compression sock that would make his patients feel their best. Typically, traditional dress or athletic socks work by exerting the greatest degree of compression at the ankle, with the level of compression gradually decreasing up the garment. Instead, he envisioned a comfortable compression sock engineered to improve blood circulation.

After two years of research and development, Dr. Michel created a superior product, the TierOne Compression Sock. Uniquely designed, TierOne Compression Socks are interwoven and double-stitched, with a reinforced toe and an enhanced circulatory pattern. Dr. Michel’s solution works by exerting the greatest degree of compression starting at the forefoot level.

TierOne Compression Socks’ unique design provides a gradual uniform decreased compression up the garment starting at the toes. Thus, increasing lower limbs venous return, which in turn reduces available space for muscle edema to occur, thereby reducing a secondary inflammatory response.

TierOne Features:

Fast-drying and durable nylon: This type of nylon is designed to dry quickly, which can be beneficial if you’re wearing socks during physical activities or in humid environments. Additionally, the durable nature of the nylon ensures that the socks can withstand regular wear and tear without easily tearing or losing their shape.

Maximum comfort and softness: The material used in these socks is designed to provide a high level of comfort. It may be fuller and softer to the touch compared to regular compression socks, which can enhance the overall wearing experience and reduce any potential discomfort.

Gradual and uniform compression: The interwoven pattern in the socks helps maintain a gradual and uniform compression throughout the leg. Compression socks are often worn to improve circulation and reduce swelling, so this feature ensures that the compression is distributed evenly, potentially enhancing the socks’ effectiveness.

Antimicrobial treatment: The socks are treated with an antimicrobial agent that binds at a molecular level. This treatment helps inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi, minimizing odor and keeping the socks fresher for longer periods. It can also contribute to better foot hygiene and reduce the risk of skin irritations or infections.

His patients were among the first to wear TierOne Compression Socks, and they have rave reviews. Dr. Michel’s compression solution has made a difference in their quality of life and helps them to go easily through their day in comfort while feeling secure and strong.

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