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PUT on and take off Instructions.

Optimal Techniques for Wearing and Removing Compression Stockings: Discover the Correct Steps to Prolong the Lifespan of Your Stockings

Putting Them On

To properly put on your compression stockings, follow these steps: Place your hand into one stocking with your palm facing up, gently gripping the fabric just above the heel. Slowly pull your hand out, separating the leg part of the stocking inside and out. Continue until your thumb is free. Stretch the stocking as wide as possible and slide it over your foot and heel. Hook your heel and carefully turn the stocking right side out. Gradually release the fabric as you pull the stocking up to your calf and then to your knee. Ensure your heel remains in place during this process. Smooth out any wrinkles that may appear as you wear the stockings. Leave approximately 1 to 2 fingers' worth of space between the top of the stocking and the bend of your knee. Avoid pulling up the stockings while wearing them, as this can damage the delicate fabric. Also, refrain from folding, rolling, or cutting loose threads on the stockings. If any damage occurs, it's important to replace them to maintain optimal functionality. By following these guidelines, you can properly don and remove your compression stockings, helping them last as long as needed while ensuring their effectiveness.

Taking Them Off

When it's time to remove your compression stockings, follow these steps for a safe and efficient process: Find a comfortable seated position. Begin by folding the stocking down until it reaches a point just above your ankle, where it typically gets stuck. Using your thumb, gently push the stocking downward until it pops off your heel. Slide the stocking off the rest of your foot, taking care not to rush or tug forcefully. When both putting on and taking off your compression stockings, it's important to take additional precautions: Wear special rubber gloves to provide a good grip and protect the stockings. Keep your nails trimmed short to prevent accidentally tearing the fabric. Remove any rings to avoid them catching on the stockings. Use socks, shoes, or slippers to cover the foot end of your stockings, offering extra protection and preventing damage. By following these instructions and taking necessary precautions, you can safely and effectively remove your compression stockings while ensuring their longevity and maintaining their functionality.

Images below demonstrate how to properly put-on or pull-on a compression sock.

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TierOne Tip

Wear latex or cleaning rubber gloves to take off stocking.

Care Instructions

Washing Instructions
– Daily washing is preferred, but wash at least every 2 days
– Use standard mild detergents without any additives
– Never use softener or bleach
– Hand washing is best. If a machine is used, it must be on a gentle cycle.

Drying Instructions
– After washing, put stockings on a fluffy towel and roll gently to remove excess water
– Loosely hang to dry or lay over vent
– Never put in dryer or microwave