Tips Benefits of Compression Sock Therapy – interview with Karl Michel, DPM

Compression Socks Tips

Watch this video vlog from Podiatrist Dr. Michel. He discusses the number of different factors that patients complain about and which can cause discomfort in your legs.  For example, your legs can suffer when you stand a lot, or when you sit for a long time and move little. This can increase blood pressure in vessels which means that the blood vessels widen. The valves in the blood vessels have difficulty closing and as a result the blood containing waist products and fluid is insufficiently removed. Therapeutic elastic stockings provide enough pressure to close the valves in the dilated arteries, increasing circulation and helping the body drain blood and in the lymphatic system.

Watch on Youtube: Compression Socks Tips

This discussion will be of interest to those who wear or wanting to learn more about compression socks for women or men.  TierOne socks are consider a premium quality sock and doctors have told us they are the best compression socks they’ve ever worn.