List of conditions that medical compression socks improve

Compression socks are customized socks that provide an amount of pressure to your legs and ankles to enhance blood flow and lessen difficulties associated with certain medical disorders.

Circulation issues: 

Individuals suffering from or at risk of circulation disorders, such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT), varicose veins, or diabetes, should wear compression socks.

Recovery after surgery:

Compression socks may help maintain blood circulation and minimize edema in people who have just had surgery.

Impaired mobility:

Those who are unable to get out of bed or have difficulty moving their legs may benefit from wearing compression socks to enhance blood flow.

Standing for extended periods of time:

Compression socks can help people who stand all day at work minimize tiredness, soreness, and edema.  They can also help prevent long term ailments that commonly occur in those in standing professions.

Active lifestyles and Athletes:

Compression socks can assist fitness enthusiasts and athletes enhance blood flow and minimize muscular pain and tiredness.  They can also support faster muscular recovery.

Pregnant women: 

During pregnancy, women’s bodies undergo several changes that can affect their legs and feet.  Compression stockings can help minimize swelling and pain in the legs.